Wednesday, 16 May 2007

on color, scribbles and baubles

In Lri building where my store cum design studio is, I can't help but marvel at the artistic works of my neighbors.You see, galleries and artist-run independent studios are popularly based there,and one of them is my friend , Bobby Nuestro's A.r.i.a.s.. Lately , he 's germinating GENERAL IDEA to help design and fine arts merge in a way that even pop market can understand.. these colorful pieces are recent products of this effort. Shown is a fastfood wallpaper design done by this talented man.

more of Cebu

the interesting table lamps fromclassical geometry.
. Rich detailing and what's amazing is that the inspiration and the raw materials are found in the vast island where both the sea and land are blessed.

Cebu's finest

It's just an hour plane ride from manila, but cebu is a totally different island . If you are into tropical finds, this is the place to be. My first stop waskenneth cobonpue's showroom. I don't remember bamboo to be as chic as the Lolah chair he has. Check out the new croissant chair made of rattan.No wonder this guy is in the map already! What ingenuity!

Next stop is classical geometryby Clayton. Here, I found my fave resin lamps that i've been dreaming about..And that famous coco stalk laminated table combined with stainless steel is a must buy!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

a day at the farm

I miss the farmlife..perhaps the rural life of my childhood is catching up with me especially these days. So when a friend offered her parcel of land down south ( with a friendly price of course ! My heart leaped and skipped a bit,) I thought ,this is going to be my playground. Five years after, haven't done anything about it .Ha!
Until early last year, I started getting some sense and tried my greenhorn hands on the soil. There is just the mountain beaming at me , that's all i care about.My brother sketched the farmhouse, I did some trial-and error with tropical plants.And my naive heart wanted a pond. Doesn't exactly know how to make it work.
Still at it though, this is a story in progress, you would see the house built using oldwood and riverstones laid out by the Igorots, the "kubo " hut as an outdoor kitchen, the pond, and evrything else in waiting..
The flowers thrive at last!

Monday, 7 May 2007

The Room Upstairs for metro home magazine

So after six months of struggling, God has been really good to Ari and me. . a break has landed on our lap as i become a featured designer on Designer's picks for the coming Metro Home magazine. This is the one thing that's very close to my heart ever since I could remember. . to design , to surround myself with all things beautiful. I could be very vain in that sense..
It's a never ending restless pursuit for me.. to be able to find the perfect piece, the right color, the balance of it all.
As i leave for the weekend to be in cebu ( Gosh, I'm excited about what pieces I could find ! ) , Enjoy the pics !

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Last Night

Last night , we were treated to some good informal lecture by our friend-artist Rafael Cusi. This guy really has a lot to say when it comes to his art.I adore people with vocations like his.Now, he is reaping the seeds he planted. He will have an exhibit in Munich, then London, then back again for his new book to be published locally .the 3 decades of his art evolution.Sir, i will be honored for your art to be hanging at The Room Upstairs !
Click herefor some more pictures of the exhibit ( Arnel Brillantes one man show @ The Room Upstairs )with Rafael Cusi as special guest.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Escaping summer

For the last three days, Baguio has been my most intimate friend. I just love the coolness of it despite how this summer beats metro manila with its scorching sun.Ari went along with me to experiment with his new camera. thanks to you tina, he's better off tinkering with it,so then i have an excuse to ask him to drive for me to work even in faraway places like Baguio.
yes, it's work but as the pictures suggest, we might as well be having a vacation out of it.